Colour 0 selectedColourAll0 selectedColourClearBlack(1)Blue(1)White(2)
Energy Rating 0 selectedEnergy RatingAll0 selectedEnergy RatingClearA++(15)A+(12)A(1)B(1)F(1)G(1)
Brands 0 selectedBrandsAll0 selectedBrandsClear0.5MM 2 CORE 100M FLEX(1)0.5MM 2 CORE FLEX 50M(1)0.5MM 2 PAIR PHONE CABLE(1)0.5mm 2c Flex P/Mtr(1)0.5MM 3 PAIR PHONE CABLE(1)0.5mm 3c Flex P/Mtr(1)0.5mm 3C Heat Resistant(1)0.5MM ALARM CABLE 6 CORE(1)0.5MM BELLWIRE P/MTR(1)0.75MM 2 CORE FLEX 50M(1)0.75MM 2 CORE FLEX OVAL P(1)0.75MM 2 CORE OVAL BLK P/(1)0.75mm 2c Flex P/Mtr(1)0.75mm 2c H/R P/Mtr(1)0.75mm 3c Flex P/Mtr(1)0.75MM 6A 3 CORE GOLD P/M(1)1.5mm 3c Blk P/Mtr(1)1.5mm 3c Flex P/Mtr(1)1.5mm 3c H/R P/Mtr(1)1.5MM 3CORE BLACK(1)1.5mm DOUBLE FLAT CLIPS T(1)1.5MM T & E P/MTR(1)10mm Singl G/Y P/Mtr(1)10MM T & E(1)10mm T&E CLIPS(1)11" THERMOSTAT(1)120w 78mm T/H Tube(1)13 STRAND SPEAKER CABLE P(1)16mm Single G/Y P/Mtr(1)16mm T&E CLIPS(1)18" THERMOSTAT(1)1G 16mm METAL BOX(1)1G 25mm METAL BOX(1)1G 35mm METAL BOX(1)1G 47mm METAL BOX(1)1G ARCH METAL BOX(1)1mm 2c Flex P/Mtr(1)1mm 3c Flex P/Mtr(1)1mm 3C Heat Resistant(1)1mm DOUBLE FLAT CLIPS T/E(1)1mm T/E CLIPS(1)2 WAY F-SPLITTER(1)2.5 3c h/r p/m(1)2.5MM T & E P/MTR(1)20A Juction Box(1)20mm Fuse(1)29 INCH TUBE(1)2FT 20W TUBE(1)2G 25mm METAL BOX(1)2G 35mm METAL BOX(1)2G 47mm METAL BOX(1)2G ARCH METAL BOX(1)2mm ROUND CLIPS(1)300 WATT(1)31736(1)35W 12V(1)3mm ROUND CLIPS(1)4" EXTRACTOR FAN STD(1)48=60 WATT(1)4mm ROUND CLIPS(1)4mm T/E CLIPS(1)4x4x2 Adaptable Galvanise(1)5mm ROUND CLIPS(1)6mm ROUND CLIPS(1)6MM T & E P/MTR(1)6mm T/E CLIPS(1)7" THERMOSTAT(1)79 STRAND SPEAKER CABLE P(1)9mm ROUND CLIPS(1)ACCTIM(2)ADSL/BROADBAND(1)AKAI(2)ALARM CABLE 4 CORE P/MTR(1)BATTENHOLDER(1)BEKO(1)BELL(99+)BENROSS(11)BOARD FUSE(1)BOSCH(1)BT(2)BYRON(12)Cable(1)CARMEN(5)CEILING ROSE 3 TERM(1)CLICK(2)COAX SATELLITE CABLE P/MT(1)Connect(1)CROMPTON(2)DAEWOO(7)DELTECH(1)DETA(15)DUAL PARTITON METAL BOX(1)DURACELL(1)Dyson(2)EAGLE(4)Edmundsons(2)Electrolux(5)Electrovision(23)Electruepart(13)ELGENTO(2)ENERGIZER(10)ETERNA(21)European(1)EUROSAT(2)Eurosonic(1)EVEREADY(1)FALCON TRUNKING(57)FOSTERS(1)GENERAL ELECTRICS(1)GET(58)GEWISS(5)GP BATTERIES(9)GREENBROOK(3)HADEN(2)Hager(1)HAMA(33)HomeCare Products(1)Hoover(2)HOTPOINT(2)JBL(8)JCB(2)JCC(1)Junction Box Outdoor(1)KOSNIC(6)KOSNIC/STATUS(3)KOSS(2)LAMP(12)LINSAR(3)LLOYTRON(15)Lyvia(24)MANROSE(1)MAXELL(3)MIELE(5)MINI TUBE(1)MK(2)MORPHY RICHARDS(1)NUMATIC(3)OSRAM(4)Panasonic(7)PHILEX(4)Phone Sec Skt Surface(1)PIFCO(6)PLUG TOP FUSE(2)POWER MASTER(3)Pvc Enclosure 175x110x66(1)PX(3)REMINGTON(3)REON(6)ROBERTS(2)Rolson(2)RUSSELL HOBBS(5)Sabichi(8)SAT CABLE(1)SCHNEIDER(7)SEARCHLIGHT(4)SEBO(3)SERVISOL(1)SIGNATURE(1)SL-X(1)Speaker Cable(1)STATUS(48)Stearn(1)SUNHOUSE(1)SUPREME(2)SWAN(4)THOMSON(3)TIMEGUARD(2)TITAN(1)TOWER(2)TTAP(1)Tv Coax Surface Single(1)Twin and Earth(1)UK TO USA TRAVEL ADAPTOR(1)ULTRA MAX(1)Universal Gas Lighter(1)UV TUBE(1)V-TAC(2)VARILIGHT(28)VIVANCO(29)WELLCO(18)WIZ(5)WPRO(6)Xmas Lights(1)View More
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