Looking for a new oven can feel like a daunting task. Gas or electric? Single or double? Will it even fit in your kitchen? Fear not because this guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to find the oven that turns you into a kitchen hero.

the perfect oven

Choosing the Right Oven

Before diving into fancy features, consider the basics:

  • Energy Rating: Look for an A+++ rating for the most energy-efficient option – kind to the planet and your wallet.
  • Warranty: Ovens are built to last, but unexpected things happen. Check the warranty to avoid any nasty surprises.
  • Capacity: Feeding a family of five? A small single oven won't do. Ovens come in a range of sizes, from compact to double ovens, to suit your needs.
  • Fuel Type: Gas ovens offer precise temperature control, great for experienced cooks. Electric ovens provide even heat, perfect for baking.
  • Fit Type: Built-in single ovens sit at eye-level, while built-under models fit below the counter. Choose what works for your kitchen layout.
  • Dimensions: Don't get caught short! Measure your space carefully before you buy to ensure your oven fits through doorways and into the designated spot.

Features to Make You an Oven Star

Now that you've covered the essentials, let's explore the features that can elevate your cooking game:

  • Special Cooking Settings: From air-frying function ovens favourites to sous vide and gratin settings, these features offer versatility for all your culinary creations.
  • Steam Cooking: Steam ovens lock in flavour and nutrients, leaving your food perfectly cooked and looking restaurant-worthy.
  • Crisp Cooking: Love a golden brown finish? Crisp cooking ensures juicy insides with a satisfyingly crispy exterior – perfect for roasts and casseroles.
  • Easy Clean: Nobody enjoys scrubbing ovens! Choose from grease-proof coatings, steam cleans, or pyrolytic technology for a sparkling clean oven with minimal effort.
  • Electronic Food Probe: Take the guesswork out of cooking with a food probe that alerts you when your food reaches the perfect temperature. No more overcooked meals!
  • Even Heat Distribution: Tired of unevenly cooked food? Ovens with even heat distribution ensure everything cooks perfectly, on every shelf.
  • Smart-Connected Ovens: Control your oven remotely, preheat it while you're on the way home, or even check on your roast – all from your smartphone.
  • Soft-Close Door: Say goodbye to noisy slams! Soft-closing doors prevent damage to your oven and keep your kitchen peaceful.
  • Flexible Space: Telescopic shelves smoothly glide in and out, giving you easy access to your culinary creations, no matter their size.
  • Touch Controls: Sleek and stylish, touch controls offer a seamless way to operate your oven with a simple tap.
  • Quick Cooking: Need dinner on the table fast? Rapid pre-heat functions and speedier cooking settings can save you valuable time in the kitchen.

Features for Effortless Cooking

For those who love the convenience of technology, consider these features:

  • Automatic Cooking Programmes: No more worrying about temperatures or timers. Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking with pre-set settings for various dishes.
  • Sensor-Controlled Cooking: Sensor ovens take the work out of cooking altogether. Some use probes for perfect meat and fish, while others automatically adjust settings based on your food.

Energy Efficiency

Looking to save money and be environmentally friendly? Choose an energy-efficient oven. With lower energy consumption, you'll benefit from reduced running costs while helping the planet.