Product Width 0 selectedProduct Width All0 selectedProduct Width Clear90cm(4)80cm(1)70cm(5)60cm(23)55cm(22)50cm(1)54cm(6)59.5cm(2)59.6cm(2)78cm(1)84cm(1)90.8cm(2)91.3cm(2)92cm(3)View More
Refrigeration Features 0 selectedRefrigeration Features All0 selectedRefrigeration Features ClearDuocooling(2)Fixed Hinge(1)Frost Free(40)Low Frost(2)Silent Cooling(1)Sliding Hinge(2)SmartFrost(3)Suitable For Outbuildings(2)
Energy Rating 0 selectedEnergy RatingAll0 selectedEnergy RatingClearF(64)E(14)
Warranty 0 selectedWarranty All0 selectedWarranty Clear1 Year(35)2 Years(27)3 Years(7)5 Years(13)
Product Height 0 selectedProduct HeightAll0 selectedProduct HeightClear157cm(1)176(3)177cm(2)179(4)182.4cm(6)183cm(1)185cm(4)186(4)187(2)191cm(1)193(2)195.5(3)197cm(1)203cm(1)207(1)View More
Noise Level dB 0 selectedNoise Level dBAll0 selectedNoise Level dBClear39(4)41db(1)42dB(1)
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