If you find yourself needing a new washing machine, you might be thinking why now? With all of the recent pressures of bills going up, the last thing we want to be spending money on is a new appliance. 

However, if you find that purchasing a new washing machine is something that you are unable to avoid, spend some time looking for one that could save you money on bills in the long run. Most companies appreciate that the world is changing in order to try and become more eco-friendly, so they are adapting their designs to include features that will use less water and electricity. The key for us as consumers, is to know which of these features to look for in our new purchase and how to really take advantage of them.

To try and make things a little simpler, we have put together a quick guide that can help you to make a decision when choosing your next washing machine.

Energy Rating

Not a feature as such, but choosing a washing machine appliance with an A rating is designed to use less energy and will therefore save you money in the long run.

Quick Wash

As the feature name suggests, a quick wash will take less time to complete. The washing machine will use less water and have a shorter spin cycle, which is also known as an eco-wash.

Cold or warm wash

The cooler the temperature, the less energy your washing machine will use. Some appliances will have a choice of hot, warm or cold washes, with the cooler ones also being kinder to delicate fabrics, helping to prevent colours from running and transferring.

Eco- Mode

Designed to be kinder to the environment by using less water and energy, this mode will use a lower temperature to wash your clothes.

Water Balance Technology

This feature will adapt the amount of water needed, depending on the size of the load that is being washed. Even when using less water, the appliance should be just as efficient in washing your clothes to a high standard.

A few extra tips!

Once you have your new washing machine, there are certain things that you can do to help ensure that it stays as energy efficient as possible, as well as to keep it working for longer.

  • Clean the filter every month so that the pump doesn’t need to work so hard
  • Remove detergent and limescale 
  • Make sure the pockets of your clothes are empty so that there is no risk of blocking the machine
  • Try to save your washing so that you can do a full load each time, which you should then be able to do less often

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