With energy bills rising at an unprecedented rate, we are all trying to find ways of staying warm without turning on the heating. However, as the winter starts to make itself known, it is important that we are not afraid to use the heating if needed, for the good of our wellbeing and health. 

We have looked at some ways to try and keep the cost of heating our homes down as much as possible, without turning it off completely. If you can utilise just a few of these, you will be on the way to keeping warm at a reduced cost.

Should I turn my heating off?

As tempting as it is, try not to switch your heating off when it is very cold, especially if there are elderly or vulnerable people in the home. Try turning it down a few degrees though, as this will use less energy.

Keep the doors and windows closed

It is important to air out the home during the day with an open window or two, but as the evening starts to arrive, make sure that all of your windows and external doors are closed. That way, if you turn the heating on, the warmth will not go straight outside which is a waste of energy and money. Keeping internal doors closed can also make a difference, allowing you to turn radiators off in unused rooms and pooling the heat into the areas that you are spending most of your time.

Insulate behind your radiators

You can buy reflective panels to do this or simply use a roll of tin foil. Slotting it behind a radiator will reflect any heat back out into the room to keep it feeling warmer, this is especially effective where the radiator is on an external wall.

Plug in an electric blanket

If you choose not to turn on your heating or have it very low, try using an electric blanket in your bed or on the sofa to keep you warm. It will use minimal energy to keep the cost down and easily keep a family feeling warm and cosy on the sofa in the evening.

Lag your hot water pipes

Using a cheap foam lagging around your hot water pipes can help to keep them warmer for longer and prevent them from freezing in very cold weather.

Bleed your radiators

If you are using your radiators this winter, then you need to make sure they are running efficiently. Check that they are warming to the very top - if not, then you will need a radiator key to bleed any excess air from them. 

Use rugs on wooden floors

Even though a wooden floor will look great in the home, they are quite likely to allow heat to escape through the cracks. Rolling out a few rugs on top of the wooden floor will help to keep the heat in and the room warmer for longer.

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