When shopping for a new washing machine or dishwasher, it is important to check how many performance improving features that it has. They are designed to make our lives easier, so it makes sense to incorporate as many of these as possible.

We have taken a closer look at ActiveWater Plus technology, to see what benefits it can offer and why we should be looking for a washing machine or dishwasher that has it built-in.

What is ActiveWater Plus technology?

The ActiveWater Plus feature uses built-in sensors to adjust the water capacity in the machine, basing it on the weight and fabric. This means you will only ever use the amount of water that you actually need.

The water management system has been developed by Bosch in order to target our reliance on water distribution, which can often be extreme and unnecessary. 

What are the benefits of ActiveWater Plus?

  • You will only ever use the amount of water that you actually need and not a pre-set volume
  • This feature will save you money, as you will not use excess water that is not needed
  • The reduced amount of water will have a positive impact on the environment thorough less wastage
  • You will use less energy when you do the washing, which will reflect positively on your monthly energy bills