When you shop for a new tumble dryer, you are likely to see the phrase ‘uses heat pump technology’ in the description. 

But do you know what heat pump technology is, or how it can benefit you and your new tumble dryer? We have taken a closer look at the term to see what it is and whether you should look to find an appliance that has it built in.

What is heat pump technology?

Conventional tumble dryers release hot air each time they run a load, whereas heat pump technology will conserve and reuse hot air during the cycle. Using a closed loop heat exchange system, moisture is first absorbed from your clothes and then cooled in the evaporator. Your dryer will then reheat the leftover air, without wasting any energy.

What are the benefits of a heat pump tumble dryer?

  • Heat pump technology can lower your energy usage when compared to a standard tumble dryer, as it reuses the air that is already inside the appliance. 
  • A heat pump tumble dryer uses a lower temperature, so again helps to save energy, as well as offering better protection for your clothes, which can sometimes shrink or damage a little in a traditional dryer. 
  • The design of a heat pump tumble dryer means that you can use it anywhere in the home, rather than needing to plumb it in or place it next to an external window where you dispose of the moisture. 
  • Because this type of technology uses less energy, it is much better for the environment.

Are there any downsides to a heat pump tumble dryer?

Not really! It might take you a little longer to dry your clothes, compared to a conventional tumble dryer, but as you will be using less energy, you will still get the benefit of a lower energy bill. You may find that this type of appliance is a little more expensive to buy upfront, but you will easily make that money back from the reduced energy usage.