Maintaining a clean washing machine is essential for ensuring hygienically washed clothes and optimal appliance function. This blog dives into Beko's DrumClean+ function and offers valuable tips for keeping your washing machine in top shape.

Understanding Beko's DrumClean+

Beko's DrumClean+ is a self-cleaning cycle designed to combat bacteria and mould buildup within the washing machine drum. This program heats the water to a high temperature, effectively sanitising the interior and preventing musty odours.

How to utilise DrumClean+ Effectively:

  • Empty the Drum: Remember, no laundry or detergent should be present during this cycle.
  • Consult with the Manual: Specific instructions for activating DrumClean+ might vary depending on your Beko washing machine model.

Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips:

Preventing Blockages:

  • Clean the pump filter regularly (every 3-4 months): This prevents blockages caused by debris like buttons or coins. Locate the filter cover at the bottom corner, typically behind a small panel. Depending on your model, there might be a hose to drain excess water before removing the filter. Place a bowl or towels underneath to collect the water.

Combating Mould and Mildew:

  • Clean the door seals: Mould and mildew can accumulate in the door seals over time. Regularly wipe them down with a soft cloth or sponge to prevent this. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the seals.

Maintaining a Pristine Exterior:

  • Keep the exterior clean: Use a non-abrasive cleaning solution and a soft cloth to wipe down the washing machine's exterior surfaces. Address spills promptly to prevent corrosion.

Combating Detergent Build-up:

  • Clean the detergent drawer (monthly): Built-up detergent and softener residue can occur, especially with powdered detergent. Remove the drawer, rinse it thoroughly under the sink, and replace it.

An Alternative Cleaning Method (if no DrumClean+):

  • Run a hot empty cycle (every 3-6 months): If your machine lacks a self-cleaning program, run the hottest cycle without detergent while empty. This helps eliminate any lingering bacteria.

By following these simple tips and utilising Beko's DrumClean+ function, you can ensure your washing machine remains clean, hygienic, and functions effectively for years to come.