We’ve all been there, you’re in a rush to put a load of washing on so that you can move onto something else, then as you walk through the house you discover a sock that has fallen out of the basket or school uniform that has been abandoned in the corner of a bedroom. 

Life is too short to be stressing over missed washing. That is why AddWash technology is such a wonderful addition to modern washing machines. But what is it and how does it work? We have taken a closer look at this useful function to see how it can help to revolutionise laundry day!

What does AddWash mean?

Addwash is an incredibly useful function that means you will be able to complete all of your washing in one load, rather than keeping missed clothing back to add onto your next laundry day. 

AddWash technology means that you will be able to pause a washing cycle that has already begun, allowing you to add in more items of laundry without the need to reset the programme and start all over again. The cycle will simply pick up where it left off and finish your load as planned.

How easy is AddWash to use?

Addwash is incredibly easy to use. Simply press the start/pause button, wait for the cycle to stop and the extra AddWash door will unlock for you to open. 

Pop your extra bits of washing inside, close the door and press the start/pause button once again to restart the cycle. It really could not be easier and will save you needing to put on an extra load to wash much-needed clothing.

Do all washing machines have an AddWash function?

No they do not. If this is something that you feel would make your life easier, then you will need to check that your shortlist of washing machines includes it as a feature.

Although the AddWash feature is fairly new, the majority of washing machines have the ability to add extra clothing once the cycle has started, via the start/pause button. So that lonely abandoned sock need not go back in the laundry basket and can be reunited with its partner after all!

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