6th Sense Technology can be found in a variety of Whirlpool dishwashers and washing machines, advertised as a major selling point to encourage you to choose that particular model or brand. 

But what is 6th sense technology and what benefits can it offer us in our homes? We have taken a closer look at the term to see if it is something that we should be looking for when we shop for a new appliance.

What is 6th sense technology?

The aim of 6th sense technology is to adapt the amount of water and energy that is used when it comes to cleaning a load of washing or dishes. Using special sensors, the appliance will be able to monitor the size of the load and then change the water level, temperature and wash time to suit those specific needs.

What benefits does 6th sense technology offer us?

If you are using 6th sense technology in your appliance then you can expect to benefit from lower water bills, as you will only be using what you need. You should also see a reduction in your electricity usage, as the temperature may be lower than usual, as will the length of the cycle. 

Will this make a difference to the quality of the wash?

No it won’t. The quality of the wash will be just as good, ensuring that your clothes or dishes are wonderfully clean and fragrant, treated with care and a delicate touch. 

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