Power Rating 0 selectedPower RatingAll0 selectedPower RatingClear13A Plug In(1)32A Hard Wired Connection(2)
Product Width 0 selectedProduct Width All0 selectedProduct Width Clear50-99cm(1)
Product Height 0 selectedProduct HeightAll0 selectedProduct HeightClear151cm and above(2)
Load Capacity 0 selectedLoad Capacity All0 selectedLoad Capacity Clear7kg(1)8kg(8)9kg(6)10kg(3)9kg+5kg(1)8kg+5kg(1)10.5kg+6kg(2)
Wash Feature 0 selectedWash FeatureAll0 selectedWash FeatureClearAnti-Allergy Cycle(1)Anti-Stain(8)Eco Wash Options(7)Quick Wash Options(18)Timer Delay(12)
Refrigeration Features 0 selectedRefrigeration Features All0 selectedRefrigeration Features ClearFrost Free(11)Low Frost(1)Reversible Door(28)Sliding Hinge(1)
Energy Rating 0 selectedEnergy RatingAll0 selectedEnergy RatingClearA++(2)A+(5)A(25)B(3)C(11)D(14)E(26)F(2)
Warranty 0 selectedWarranty All0 selectedWarranty Clear2 Years(82)5 Years(47)
Microwave Power 0 selectedMicrowave Power All0 selectedMicrowave Power Clear800W(3)900W(1)
Microwave Capacity 0 selectedMicrowave CapacityAll0 selectedMicrowave CapacityClear20 to 24L(3)
Number of Burners/Cooking Zones 0 selectedNumber of Burners/Cooking ZonesAll0 selectedNumber of Burners/Cooking ZonesClear4(5)5(2)
Built In Or Freestanding 0 selectedBuilt In Or FreestandingAll0 selectedBuilt In Or FreestandingClearBuilt In(46)Freestanding(47)
WIFI 0 selectedWIFIAll0 selectedWIFIClearYes(8)
Noise Level dB 0 selectedNoise Level dBAll0 selectedNoise Level dBClear30-39dB(12)40-49dB(15)50-59dB(1)70dB and above(3)
Hob type 0 selectedHob typeAll0 selectedHob typeClearElectric Ceramic(1)Electric Induction(3)Gas(1)
Spin Speed 0 selectedSpin SpeedAll0 selectedSpin SpeedClear1400rpm(17)
Dryer Type 0 selectedDryer TypeAll0 selectedDryer TypeClearHeat Pump(3)Condenser(1)
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